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Technology enables Innovative Remote Patient Monitoring system

The dream of any clinic, hospital, health unit or other types of establishments that work in the care of patients is to take care of more patients, with less costs and more efficiency. This dream is now possible with Digital Transformation and the use of technologies that offer new experiences of care, especially for patients who need constant monitoring. In a scenario where healthcare providers need to seek new strategies to rationalise their operating costs , remote patient monitoring technology emerges as a tool of immense potential to ensure the well-being of beneficiaries, facilitating the follow-up of patients with chronic diseases and considerably reducing the need for hospitalisation. With advances in the area of embedded systems and wireless technologies it has become possible to develop equipment that perform essential tasks to monitor the health of a patient by combining low cost, low power consumption and a wide variety of functionalities.

The main focus are those with chronic diseases , especially hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Among the tools used in these programs are so-called wearable, technological devices that can be used as garments connected to the internet, transmitting real-time updates on the health status of the patient. They are bracelets, necklaces or watches that automatically send a signal to the health team if any indicators are missing from the control parameters. With this, it is possible to avoid a series of complications due to the lack of care, taking the necessary measures as soon as possible and considerably reducing hospitalisation rates.

New customer experience

In the market there is already a tool focused on the quality of life and improvement of the patient's health, which through its own smartphone can feed a system with its health data, which are archived and that can be used for consultations, when necessary .daily, for example, the patient can measure their glucose or pressure and feed the system. As well as your eating habits and physical activities and results of the last examinations. This information is analysed remotely every day by a health coach who will encourage, monitor and direct the patient into the system. The coach comes in contact whenever the patient disregards the care that was previously proposed and routinely accompanies the progress of his health, informing about workshops, medical recommendations, prescription after hospitalisation, periodic consultations, health tips such as eating habits and physical exercises.

Customer loyalty

The collection would be high, while the expenses of assistance would be reduced. By offering a platform that accompanies the health of the person, who sends alerts, makes connections, attentive about the need for medical consultations, suggests participation in workshops, the company reassures the client and keeps them under monitoring.

The information on the palms

It can happen that the monitored person has a sudden onset and be rushed to medical attention. With the application in hand, the expert can keep track of the latest information that has been inserted and try to find some anomaly from there. It also streamlines the diagnosis of the patient, having lots of valuable information in a fast and organised way. Given the possibilities offered by technology, many operators are investing in remote patient monitoring programs aimed at reducing healthcare costs and maintaining the quality of life of beneficiaries.

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